They did this by forming a bond between the Dragons and Wizards and between the Dragons and the Anas. Two other dragons that go unnamed are the twin Dragon Rings. Both assumed the form of dragon rings in order to save the race of dragons as a whole. 

The twin, the dragon-ana ring was given to the king of the Anamaeges, Azarath and eventually passed onto Skye Magewood. At one point there were many different kinds of dragons; Darke dragons, magyk dragons (like the dragon rings), sea dragons, fire dragons (like Spit Fyre and the Dragon Boat), etc. The most common dragons are the fire dragons. The only dragons that hatch for people are fire dragons and magyk dragons.

They have powerful, armored scales, enormous bodies, huge wings, and depending on the dragon one or more spiked tails. They all have various breathe weapons also. Fire dragons have fire as do Darke and Magyk dragons, Water dragons have geysers, Ice dragons have freezing ice breath, Skye dragons have breath of lightning bolts, Grass dragons have poison and healing breath, etc.