• Geography needs to be worked on across the wiki
  • History before what happened in the series needs work on
  • Magical Creatures need major work - Right now working on Dragons, Orms, Land Wurms and Garmin
  • Infoboxes need improvement - Infobox for different types of page. A map for location infoboxes Hmm...
  • Refrencing needs to be improved - Shall work on
  • Maps need to be added which compile the data from the entire series with pin categories for each book perhaps
  • Improve wiki navigation
  • Creating a Septimus Heap community for the wiki would be a major step.
  • Information about the series can be harvested from the septimus heap blog and interviews with Angie Sage as well as the series itself.
  • Add Categories/ aricle which groups similar things together like teleportation - This Category would include the Forest Way, Marcellus' Glass, Teleportation Spell, Ancient Ways, The Queen's Way. I don't think House Foryx counts since it counts as time travel which will be dealt with in another category.
  • Page needs to be written for Marcellus' Glass, The Lands of the Long Nights and the Desert of the Singing Sands, the Pathfinder Village and the Eastern Snow Plains as well as other locations in Wodz. Note: I haven't read SandRider so the third project will be difficult.
  • To be continued......

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