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  • I live in England, UK
  • My occupation is Physicist, Admin of Septimus Heap Wiki, Accidental Bringer of Chaos and Storyteller
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  • ChrestomanciChant

    For those with Admin powers - Memory Alpha provides a useful guide on it.

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  • ChrestomanciChant

    Wendron Witches Done

    Port Haven Witch Coven

    Young Army Done

    Message Rat Service Done

    Secret Rat Service

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  • ChrestomanciChant

    Working on a new map system for the wiki since the old map feature has been removed it should work similarly to that on the Avatar wiki though much improved I hope!



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  • ChrestomanciChant
    • Geography needs to be worked on across the wiki
    • History before what happened in the series needs work on
    • Magical Creatures need major work - Right now working on Dragons, Orms, Land Wurms and Garmin
    • Infoboxes need improvement - Infobox for different types of page. A map for location infoboxes Hmm...
    • Refrencing needs to be improved - Shall work on
    • Maps need to be added which compile the data from the entire series with pin categories for each book perhaps
    • Improve wiki navigation
    • Creating a Septimus Heap community for the wiki would be a major step.
    • Information about the series can be harvested from the septimus heap blog and interviews with Angie Sage as well as the series itself.
    • Add Categories/ aricle which groups similar things together like teleā€¦
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  • ChrestomanciChant

    A new random quotes box has been added to the front page and here is an opportunity to add your favourite quotes from any of the books as well as some quotes from Angie Sage herself about the series. To apply just write in the comments:

    • Your quote
    • The chapter of the book or site where it came from
    • Which characters say the quote or whether the quote comes from Angie Sage directly or if it is a quote from another writer which is written in the books.
    • Exceptions to these rules can be added to random quotes but only with permission from an admin.
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