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Icon - important (by Nuvola) Spoiler Alert!

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Fyre and the TodHunter Moon Series.

The World


The Red Tube

Aldrin Apollo 11

The Moon landings have become stories in Septimus Heap's World.

Both the Septimus Heap series and the TodHunter Moon series are set on Earth but 10,000 years in the future which wasn't confirmed until the end of Fyre when Septimus wrote the date in the snow: July 4, 12,004. The book ends with a quote from Arthur C. Clarke: "Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magyk", confirming that the series is set in the far future.

This has been hinted at in Syren when Lucy Gringe and Wolf Boy talk about the Red Tube. Wolf Boy says he has heard stories that people used to travel to the moon in things like that. Lucy dismisses this, however, it's apparent they are talking about Apollo moon missions.

The map in PathFinder shows that the overall shape of the land masses still looks familiar but according to Angie Sage, the sea levels have risen by 50 metres at sometime during the last 10,000 years as shown in Marwick's Map below.[1] This explains why on a more local scale the Geography has changed massively as you can see from the maps and in the books.


An exact copy of Marwick's Map - Note: Antartica is irrealistic because much of its ice sheet lies below sea level and is therefore not pictured.[2]

Septimus Heap World Map

Another exact copy of Marwick's Map with perhaps the exception of Greenland's Inland Sea.[3]

PathFinder Map

Marwick's Map which is based on computer-generated maps similar to the one shown of the left.


Search for Alien Life


The Small, Wet Country Across the Sea

Is the land in which the the Castle, the Port and many of the other locations in the series are located. Angie Sage says that the Small, Wet Country Across the Sea is where present day England is or at least what is left of it after sea levels have risen.[4] The Castle and the region surrounding it appear to be located in Southern England according to Marwick's Map of the Ancient Ways.

The Badlands

Main article: Badlands
Chinle Badlands

Chinle Badlands is similar to the Badlands depicted in the books.

The Badlands are a rocky and hilly valley on the northern borders of the Southern Small, Wet Country Across the Sea, where DomDaniel once practised his dark magic in an observatory atop a hill. They are inhabited by Land Wurms, giant carnivorous snakelike animals, making it a dangerous place. Simon Heap also used to live there with Lucy Gringe.

The Isles of Syren

Main article: Isles of Syren

The Isles of Syren are an archipelago of islands that lie between the Small, Wet Country Across the Sea and the Far Countries. They have a resemblance to the Scilly Isles in our time but are in fact "a hilly bit of the Netherlands" but with a climate similar to the Scilly Islands and Carribean due to the Gulf Stream.[4]

The Far Countries

The Far Countries appear to cover all countries which are not on the same landmass as the Small, Wet Country Across the Sea in other words - Eurasia and Africa.


The land where the Pathfinder village is.

The Land of the House of Foryx

The Eastern Snow Plains

The Lands of the Long Nights

The lands where the Northern Traders come from.

The Desert of the Singing Sands

The Islands of the Shallow Seas

Milo Banda brought back some bales of a woollen cloth and a selection of peal necklaces from this location during Syren (book).

Septimus Heap's Earth

Septimus Heap's Earth

Created by ChrestomanciChantCreated by ChrestomanciChant
A map of Septimus' World with the approximate locations of the different lands.

The Maps from the Books

Behind the Scenes

  • Mark Zug based the topography of Marwick's Map on computer-generated maps which try to predict what the Earth may look like if sea levels rose by 50 metres.[citation needed]
  • Below you can see one of these maps which matches the topography of Marwick's Map exactly with the exception of Greenland's inland sea.
    • To view these maps go to Calculated Earth and change the sea level to be 50m. It will show you how much the topography of the Earth will have changed in the 10,000 years till Septimus' time.


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