Supreme custodian

The Supreme Custodian ruled the Castle after Queen Cerys was killed. He operated under the orders of DomDaniel while living a leisurely life in the Palace. His main task was to find and kill the Queenling, Jenna Heap, however he rarely put too much effort into the task unless DomDaniel was present. Under his rule the Young Army thrived, and the Castle became full of Darke Magyk.


The Custodian held meetings in the ladies' washroom, much to the disappointment of Alther Mella, who hoped to spy on him. Due to the law that ghosts cannot go anywhere they didn't go when they were Living, Alther's attempts were unsuccessful.[citation needed]

The Supreme Custodian ordered Linda Lane to spy on the Heap household, an action through which he learned the location of Princess Jenna. After Jenna escaped the Hunter, he held Simon Heap prisoner in an attempt to learn the location of Zelda Zenuba Heap's cottage.

The Supreme Custodian left the Castle when DomDaniel was killed aboard the Vengeance.[citation needed]

Physical attributes

The Supreme Custodian wears a black, fur-trimmed tunic, a heavy black and gold cloak, which is heavily encrusted with military badges, and laced, embroidered silk shoes. He also wears the Crown, which previously belonged to Queen Cerys. The Crown has a dent in it from falling on the floor when the Queen was assassinated, and sits crookedly on his head.

He is described as a small, rat-like man with eyes so pale that they are nearly colorless. He has a "complicated goatee" that he tends to with care, and looks somewhat ridiculous because of his attire and the crooked, slightly feminine nature of the Crown.[1]


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