The Queen's Way is a secret passageway usable only by Queens and Keepers and those accompanied by them to traverse the great distance between The Castle and the Marram Marshes. Apparently, only the Queens can see the Door to the Queen's Room in which The Queen's Way can be found. The Queen's Way can be found in the Unstable Potions and Partikular Poisons Cupboard in the Queen's Room, with an identical one in Keeper's Cottage. The Cupboard in Keeper's Cottage has a trapdoor leading to the underground temple that stored the Dragon Boat, but the Cupboard in the Queen's Room has a trapdoor also. This leads to the Robing Room, which contains various robes of wonderful splendor, and, a Looking Glass that is of some significance in book three, Physik. The Queen's Room is located at the turret at the east side of The Palace.

History of The Queen's Way

The Queen's Way is accessed through the identical Unstable Potions and Partikular Poisons cupboards, found in the Queen's room and in Keeper's Cottage. It allows you to travel between them when someone opens a particular drawer near the bottom of the cupboard. The person then waits a moment, and when they open the door again, they will have accessed the other end of the pair.