The Palace was just a simple house when the first Queen lived there. Then, as many years passed by, several buildings grew around it and were connected to it, making it a long building which became what is now known as the Palace.[citation needed] Inside it are attics, haunted places, rooms, gardens and the popular Long Walk, which holds exotic paintings, pictures, tapestries and statues brought by Jenna Heap's birth father, Milo Banda.[citation needed]


Taken over by the Supreme Custodian

After the shooting of Queen Cerys and Alther Mella, the Palace became home to the Supreme Custodian and, consequently, his staff (and Hildegarde Pigeon, who sells many of the Long Walk's treasures to fund DomDaniel's lavish banquets). After the death of DomDaniel in the Quake Ooze, the Supreme Custodian fell from power and left the Palace.[1]

Home to the Heaps

After the escape of the ex-Supreme Custodian, the Palace became home to Jenna and her family. The Palace then becomes the scene of Jenna's kidnapping after Simon Heap rode in on his horse and claimed to want to take Jenna on a ride.[2]

Queen Etheldredda's attempt to regain the throne

Silas Heap, looking for a lost colony of Counter-Feet, unsealed an attic room in the Palace, and unknowingly releases the ghost of Queen Etheldredda and the Aie-Aie. Later, Alice Nettles was shot by Etheldredda on the Palace Landing Stage.[3]

Under the Darke Domaine

Merrin Meredith Engenders a Darke Domaine in the Palace.[4]

Paintings retrieval

Milo Banda found and returned all the stolen paintings and returns them to the Long Walk.[5]


  • The Throne Room: Jenna had it closed. It holds too many bad memories of her mother's death. It was widely used in Queen Etheldredda's time.
  • Long Walk: It used to be lavishly furnished, but the Supreme Custodian took away the valuables to pay for his banquets, but was later returned when Milo Banda the stolen items.
  • Queen's Room: A secret room for Queens and Princesses (When the Time is Right) that connects to the Keeper's Cottage.
  • Crown Princesses' Bedroom: All the Crown Princesses have slept in this bedroom.


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