The Darke Toad

Darke Toad Cover

AuthorAngie Sage

IllustratorMark Zug



PublisherHarper Collins (USA)
Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)

Release DateFebruary 12, 2013

Media TypeeBook

SeriesSeptimus Heap series (Book 1.5)

Preceded byMagyk

Followed byFlyte

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The Dake Toad is a short story eBook that is written by Angie Sage, covering the long gap between Magyk and Flyte. 7 chapters long, it was published by HarperCollins.


The evil DomDaniel teamed up with the Port Witch Coven. With the help of his new Apprentice, Simon Heap, DomDaniel uses his Apprentice's lack of judgement. Can Simon do his new Master's bidding, or will his fate be like that of Merrin Meredith, the vile DomDaniel's old Apprentice?

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