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The Darke Index is a book of Darke Magyk written by Tertius Fume. It suggests people read the entire book before attempting the spell. The spell allows the caster to enslave things. But if someone says the chant to summon things backwards, the thing that was summoned with that chant will work against the caster. But in order to see things, the caster must to do a see spell. Lastly, the caster must do a spell to control the thing and the process will be complete. In order to give a thing to a new master, the caster must give it a artifact to thank it for it's work.


The Darke Index was in possession of Simon Heap, after Merrin Meredith discovered the book he secretly stole it, and read it. Merrin decided to preform the last spell in the book, but was complicated, and dangerous for beginners.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The design of book cover of Darke is based off of the Darke Index.


  1. Queste, chapter needed specified

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