Shamandrigger Saarn is Warrior Wizard and Master of the Darke Arts. He was previously one of the two Ring Wizards, the other being Dramindonnor Naarn, and is an enemy of Hotep-Ra.


Shamandrigger Saarn and Dramindonner Naarn were enemies of Hotep-Ra and at some point killed his family. Hotep-Ra escaped on his dragon across the sea, the dragon becoming the Dragon Boat. Eventually the two Darke wizards discover Hotep-Ra at The Castle and attacked him. The current Queen of the Castle at the time shot both men in the heart and they save themselves by Sealing their hearts, after which they both vow to kill her and her descendants. They proceed to attack the SafeShield which Hotep-Ra set up around her with their Volatile Wands, but they then follow Ra as he flies into the air.

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