Sarah Heap is the mother of Septimus Heap and six other children, along with being foster mother to Queenling Jenna Heap.

Early Life

Sarah Heap was once apprenticed to a woman living in the Forest named Galen to learn healing and Magyk. She met her husband, Silas Heap, there.

Life After Marriage

After Sarah was married, she had seven children. She believed one of them (Septimus) to be dead in the first few hours, and another (Queenling Jenna) to be a foster child, brought back from Silas. Sarah did her best caring for her children, and tried to teach them good Magyk.

Physical Description

Sarah Heap is described as having 'the Heap hair', a mass of blond curls. She is a slim

Sarah and her husband, Silas

woman, with green Wizard eyes and a rather harassed expression.

List of Children

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