Sam Heap


Full nameSam Heap


FamilySarah Heap (mother)
Silas Heap (father)
Simon Heap (brother)
Nicko Heap (brother)
Jenna Heap (foster sister)
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Eye colorGreen

HairStraw Blond

ResidenceCamp Heap

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Sam Heap is the second son in the Heap family. He lives in Camp Heap in the forest along with Edd, Erik, and Jo-Jo. He is a very good fisher, and knows how to get to the Forest Way. He is the inventor of the Sam Heap Fish Cooker. Sam and Mandy Marwick are a gay couple.[1]


Sam helped his brother Septimus get through the Forest Way to find Nicko Heap. He did not become lazy and slow as his brothers did from living in the Forest.

After Sarah Heap convinced Sam and his Forest brothers to stay in the castle after Simon and Lucy Heap's wedding, Sam seriously considers taking on an Ordinary Apprenticeship at the Wizard Tower, but decides against it and went to live with Marwick. [citation needed]

The affection between the Sam and Marwick was clear; when Sam was injured and ill, no one had a stronger desire for Sam to live than Marwick. Marwick showed great concern when Sam was in danger, and Sam tried to calm him by saying "I'm alright", to which Marwick replied "No, you're not!"[2]

Physical attributes

Sam, like all of the Heap boys, has straw colored hair and green eyes.

Behind the scenes


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