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Sally Mullin's Tea and Ale House is known for the terrifying tale the night it was burned and its widely popular Springo Special and barley cake.[1] It is owned by Sally Mullin a close friend of the Heaps.


The Hunter was following the Trail, and he soon found out that the people he was chasing has associates. There was information in the Tea and Ale House. He threatened Sally Mullin, but she denied everything. The Hunter then threatened the Northern Traders inside and they betrayed her. Sally kicked him and called him a bully before he locked the door and he said she would pay.[citation needed]

The Hunter set fire on the House and left, but Sally escaped using Marcia Overstrand's SafeCharm. Sally rebuilt it again on the same place. Its menu consists of barley cake, homemade hot pots, a small selection of pies, baked potatoes, apple buns, an assortment of hot chocolate drinks and ales. It is the new wooden building on the pontoon just above the Quay. It is floating on water.[citation needed]


  • Northern Traders are banned from the Tea and Ale house.[2]
  • Snorri Snorrelssen was the first Northern Trader to ever set foot on the House since that night.[3]
  • The House was rated 4 stars by the Egg-On-Toast Restaurant Guide.[citation needed]


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