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A potion is a drinkable form of liquid Magyk made by mixing certain ingredients together.


  • Tinctures, used as medicine and healing potions.
  • Poisons, used to cause harm or even death.
  • Elixirs, sweetened medicine used potions.
  • Philtres, used to charm the drinker.

Known potions

  • Brilliant Blend, spilled by Marcia in Zelda's Cottage.[citation needed]
  • Burn Balm, used by Aunt Zelda to treat Wolf Boy's Darke burns.[citation needed]
  • Urgent Ungent, used to heal Merrin Meredith after he was Consumed by DomDaniel. Did not work for long.[citation needed]
  • Drastic Drops, used to heal Merrin. Did not work for long.[citation needed]
  • Vigor Volts, used to successfully heal Merrin.[citation needed]
  • Anti-Hex Formula, used by Alther Mella to render a Spectre powerless. (Possibly a spell)[citation needed]
  • Preserve, used to Preserve things. Put inside Preserve Pots with Shield Bugs in them.[citation needed]

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