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Oraton-Marr was a dangerous sorcerer and the antagonist of the TodHunter Moon series. His sister was the dreadful Lady. He attempted to gain extraordinary Magykal powers by using the Orm, which produced lapis lazuli that could make wizards more powerful.

Oraton-Marr used PathFinders to find the Orm egg.[1] He started to hatch the egg and planed to Imprint the Orm so he coukd get all the lapis lazuli he wanted, but Alice "TodHunter" Moon, Ferdie Sarn, Oskar Sarn, Jim Knee, Spit Fyre, and Kaznim Na-Draa stopped him.[2] Spit Fyre ended up imprinting the Orm.

Oraton-Marr came from the Dry, Hot Deserts of the South and enjoyed orange sauce poured over live duckling.


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