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Olaf Snorrelssen was Snorri Snorrelssen's father and a Northern Trader. He was once married to Alfrun Snorrelssen, until he became a ghost while visiting The Small, Wet Country Across the Sea.


Alther Mella left Septimus Heap in mid-flight to go speak with Olaf Snorrelssen and made a comment to Sep on how Olaf was sad that he never made it home to see his daughter. Olaf was also Summoned by Snorri, his daughter, to fight Queen Etheldredda, a Substantial Spirit. At that time, he learned that she is his daughter (a big let-down to him, for he was hoping for a son to continue his legacy as Trader).[1]

He showed himself to Merrin Meredith, only to be regret by doing it. For Merrin went into detail about ransacking DomDaniel's bones for the Two-Faced Ring and disrupted both the living and the dead in their everyday lives.[2]

Snorri met Olaf's ghost when she and her mother Alfrùn were sailing home to the Lands of the Long Nights.[3]


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