Nurse Meredith




OccupationMidwife (formerly)
Landlady of the The Doll House

FamilyMerrin Meredith (son)


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Nurse Meredith, often referred to as Nursie,[citation needed] is the mother of Merrin Meredith.


She was involved with the plot to steal Septimus Heap, though due to confusion, Merrin was accidentally taken instead, much to her distress.[citation needed]

She is currently landlady to a dingy guesthouse in the Port called The Doll House, and as of the end of the Darke Domaine, Nursie is taking care of Merrin, under Marcia Overstrand's orders.[1]


Physical attributes

She is described as having a beaky nose and sallow skin.[citation needed]


  1. Darke, chapter needed specified

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