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The MidWinter Feast is a celebration mainly for witches,[citation needed] however it is also celebrated by some residents of the Castle. It is a big occasion, and occurs during winter, hence the name.


Wendron Witches

According to Galen, being invited to a Wendron Witch MidWinter Feast is an honor, and should not be turned down lightly.[1] The witches drink Witches' Brew and eat roast wolverine, stewed rabbit, baked squirrel, and a variety of sweet and spicy foods, which they barter for with Northern Traders and save specifically for the Feast.[citation needed] The Wendron Witches wear specific MidWinter Feast robes made of red fur. They gather around a fire to eat and drink, and the celebration carries on well into the night.

Zelda Heap

Aunt Zelda has a far more relaxed MidWinter Feast, eating stewed cabbage, braised eel, and spicy onions, then relaxing after dinner.[citation needed]


It is uncertain whether rats really have MidWinter Feasts, however, one one occasion, Dawnie was annoyed that Stanley could not have the day off from work despite the holiday.[2]


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