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Marissa Lane is an ex-witch of both the Wendron Witch and the Port Witch Coven. She is also the love interest of Jo-Jo Heap, Matthew Marwick and Marcus Marwick. Marissa had been working in Gothyk Grotto with Jo-Jo, Matt and Marcus.[1]


Marissa first appeared disapprovingly of Nicko and Septimus Heap's actions towards the Witch Mother.[2] She was seen at the Wendron Witch base and in Camp Heap.[3]

Marissa captured Jenna Heap but escaped from the Port Witch Coven after making her into a witch. She then hid in Gothyk Grotto when the Darke Domaine accord.[4]

Marissa lived in the Castle. Sarah Heap disapproved of her, and Jenna was jealous because of her friendship with Beetle.[5]


Marissa is a tall girl with long wavy brown hair. In Queste, she wears a leather headband like the one that Jo-Jo Heap wears.


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