Keeper's Cottage located on Draggen Island in the Marram Marshes. Aunt Zelda and Wolf Boy live there. Merrin Meredith once did as well.


Keeper's Cottage is a two-storied building. Downstairs has only one huge room with a large open fireplace. In middle of room a flight of narrow stairs leads to the upstairs, with a cupboard underneath that has UNSTABLE POTIONS AND PARTIKULAR POISONS written on the door in flowing gold letters. The ceiling is low with rough-hewn beams. All sorts to things hang from those beams, including herbs. Around the fireplace are some old but comfortable chairs and sturdy wooden table is in the middle of the stone floor. The floor is bare except some worn rugs and a pair of boots. Keeper's Cottage has built-on kitchen that is filled with a large sink, pots and pans, and small table. The walls of the main room are lined with potion bottles and jars. On one wall is a small desk surrounded by piles of Magyk books that are stacked close to the ceiling. Big wooden door with huge bolt leads out to Draggen Island. Upstairs is a single attic room that feels surprisingly airy. It has a sloping ceiling and a small window which looks out over the Marsh. Huge sturdy beams support the roof. Aunt Zelda hangs her dresses below these beams. When both Silas Heap and Marcia Overstrand were staying with Aunt Zelda there were three bed in the room. The narrow one covered in patchwork blankets was Aunt Zelda's. The one tucked away in a low alcove was Silas's and Marcia slept in a large bed built into the wall.

Queen's Way

The Queen's Way is hidden in the UNSTABLE POTIONS AND PARTIKULAR POISONS cupboard. It is activated by opening a certain drawer on the bottom row. The Queen's Way forms a Magykal passageway between Keeper's Cottage and the Castle.

Below Keeper's Cottage

The Dragon Boat was once hidden in an underground cavern that could be visited by going through a trap door on the floor of the UNSTABLE POTIONS AND PARTIKULAR POISONS cupboard. This cavern half collapsed during the Darke storm called up by DomDaniel, releasing the Dragon Boat once more.

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