Jim Knee

Jim Knee as Scorpion

GenderWhatever his Master has called him

OccupationJinnee, Turtle Trader's fourth wife (formally)



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Jim Knee was not always a jinnee. He (or she) had started his life as a woman, being the Turtle Trader's fourth wife.[1]


Life was presumably difficult for Jim Knee, as he had chosen the life as a jinn. He had been a wide-eyed wise woman who made that mistake about twenty-five thousand years before his first incounter with Septimus Heap, sometimes having the joyment of being handmaiden to the Eastern Snow Princess, who went to the House of Foryx, or had the torture of cleaning a King's stable.[citation needed] Currently he has been Released from his bottle. He sometimes Hibernates on Madam Marcia Overstrand's purple couch.[citation needed]


  • Jim Knee could change his/her gender, and has been female and male at different points of his/her life.[citation needed]


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