Jenna Heap is the daughter of the deceased Queen Cerys and the over-seas trader Milo Banda. Because her mother died while her father was at sea, and she had no home, Jenna was entrusted to Silas Heap and his wife, Sarah when her mother was assassinated. Jenna was raised as a Heap, unbeknownst to her true parentage until her tenth birthday. In Fyre, after coming of age, Jenna is crowned Queen of the Castle.


Birth and escape from assassination

Jenna was born on MidWinter Feast day. There was a Welcome Ceremony to commemerate her birth. Alther Mella and Marcia Overstrand (Alther's then-apprentice) were the only known people to attend. This, tragically, was also the day her mother died, as a Custodian sporting the robes of an Assassin, mistaken by Marcia as some sort of messenger, entered the Queen's chambers with a drive to exterminate the royal line. Along with a few normal lead bullets, he brought two Silver Bullets; one with IP (Infant Princess) etched into it, meant to kill her, and another with Q (Queen) etched into it, made for the Queen's assassination. The Queen's found its mark, but Alther Mella, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard at the time, cast a spell to protect Jenna, but inevitably was also shot and sacrificed his life to save Jenna's. Marcia talked with Alther then continued his spell and held Jenna and ran for it. Jenna was then placed in a mound of snow by Marcia and made sure to be discovered by Silas Heap soon after, who unofficially adopted her. Her birthmother, Queen Cerys, was the last queen up to date. Jenna then grew up in the Ramblings as a Heap.

Life in the Ramblings

Jenna grew up in the Heap's cupboard and was almost as loved as Septimus, who was missing (thought to be dead). Jenna loved her cupboard, and when unable to sleep she would gaze out her window, that showed the Port men at work. It is suggested that all of her birthdays are celebrated with the Heaps, as her tenth birthday is.

Time on the run

Returning to the Castle and living in the Palace

Kidnapped by Simon and her escape

Septimus's kidnap and on the search for him

Search for Nicko

The Queste

The House of Foryx

Return from the Queste

Syren Islands

Return from the Islands

Fighting the Darke Domaine


Witch Princess Jenna in Darke

Later life



Jenna is the single child of the late Queen Cerys and Milo Banda, which makes her the only heir to assume the throne. Her royal blood enables her to see the Door to The Queen's Room, and fixes her eyes at a deep violet even after learning Magyk. Originally, Jenna is unwilling to be Queen, but she eventually embraces her heritage and accepted the throne.


Jenna is very close to Jennifer, a common Western name. It is of English Orgin and means white.[citation needed] Jenna also means Small Bird in Arabic.[citation needed]


Physical attributes

Abilities and skills

Jenna is not Magykal, but she has picked up some Magyk while in the company of people who are. When Jenna, Marcia, Septimus (then known as Boy 412), Silas, and Nicko escape to the Marram Marshes and stay with Aunt Zelda, Jenna learns Basyk Magyk. Because of her royal heritage, her eyes stayed purple instead of becoming Wizard eyes. When Marcia is kiddnaped Jenna, Nicko and Septimus boarded DomDaniel's ship The Vengeance.

Jenna was made into a witch by Marissa after being captured by the Port Witch Coven.[1]



  • Septimus Heap: She spends much of her time with Septimus. Whether it's up in the air acting as Spit Fyre's Navigator or wandering the Palace talking, there is no one she'd rather be with.
  • Bo Tenderfoot: She is Jenna's old friend when she used to live in the Ramblings. Still, they are close friends.
  • Nicko Heap: Since they went to Aunt Zelda's they have gotten much closer.
  • O. Beetle Beetle: Beetle and she are good friends, but it seems, Beetle has a crush on Jenna. Jenna does not know this, but, to many others, it is obvious. In Fyre, Beetle seems to think of Jenna only as a friend, and is taking his job of Chief Hermetic Scribe very seriously, although Jenna is starting to have feelings for him. At the end of Fyre, Beetle's old feelings are returning/have returned. In Pathfinder, which takes place seven years after the Septimus Heap series, it seems that Beetle and Jenna are together.


SeptHeapIllo QueenCerys

Queen Cerys, Jenna's mother

Even if she was only adopted, she views the Heap family as her family rather than her biological father, Milo Banda. Jenna gets confused about her family, but Nicko tells her that they are her family since she grew up with them and they raised her.



Simon, Sam, Edd, Erik, Jo-Jo, Nicko and Septimus Heap (Adoptive)



  • Aunt Zelda - Great Aunt (Adoptive)
  • Marcellus Pye - Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great great-uncle
  • Broda Pye - Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great great-aunt


  • Jenna had a pet rock named Petroc Trelawney, given by Silas Heap. This compelled her to find a rock for Septimus, the "rock" she found turned out to be Spit Fyre's Egg.
  • Her real name is likely to be Matthilda. On the reunion of Jenna with her birth mother, Cerys, Cerys' thoughts relate that she finds it difficult to think of her daughter as being named Jenna, as she originally named her after her grandmothers - Milo Banda's mother's name is unknown, but Cerys' mother is known to be Queen Matthilda, and in a vision Jenna had of what it would have been like had her mother not been killed, she saw her name as being 'longer and more old-fashioned'; therefore, it seems plausible that her given birth name was Matthilda. If not, then it is definitely her second name.

See also

  • According to her Diary,[citation needed] Things Jenna'll Do In The Palace When She's Queen:

I will:
~ ~ ~
Have a candle burning at every window
~ ~ ~
Ask lots of people to live there
~ ~ ~
Open up the Throne Room and make it feel nice again
~ ~ ~
Have a system of bells so that everyone can call one another.
~ ~ ~
Get more stuff in the Long Walk - lots of tapestries would be good.
~ ~ ~
Keep candles burning day and night down the Long Walk.
~ ~ ~
Have big parties in the Ballroom.
~ ~ ~
Open the Summer House.
~ ~ ~
Never eat ducklings.
~ ~ ~
Find my mother's ghost.