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Harbor and Dock Pie Shop is a store that specializes selling all kinds of pies.


Harbor and Dock Pie Shop was one of the main reason Wolf Boy was excited to be at the Port, for unlike Septimus Heap, he was not overly fond of Zelda Heap's cooking and was eager to try something different. It was at the shop where he once again encountered Simon Heap (though the latter was not aware of the former's presence), as the latter was there waiting for Lucy Gringe.[1]

Known pie flavors

  • Sausage-and-tomato[1]
  • Bacon-and-egg[1]
  • Cheese-and-bean[1]
  • Beef-and-onion[1]
  • Vegetable-and-gravy[1]
  • Veg-and-bacon[2]


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