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Galen's Treehouse is the home of Galen, located in the Forest. While apprenticed to Galen, Sarah Heap lived here, as well, and returned with Sam Heap, Edd Heap, Erik Heap, Jo-Jo Heap, and Sally Mullin to seek shelter from The Hunter.[1]


The treehouse was built many centuries ago on a system of platforms running between three ancient oak trees. A collection of huts have been built on the platforms over the years, and are covered in ivy so that they blend into the trees so well that they are invisible from the Forest floor.[2]

Galen's hut has a trapdoor with a ladder to the Forest floor, operated by a system of pulleys created by Galen. It is presumably the biggest hut,[2] and contains a wood-burning stove.[3]

At the very top of the middle tree, there is a guest hut with its own rope down to the Forest. Sam, Edd, Erik, and Jo-Jo stayed in this hut before the construction of Camp Heap.[2]


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