Edmond Heap is one of Benjamin Heap's children and is one of the first generation of Heap Brothers.


Edmond Heap is not described but as he is a Heap it is safe to assume that he has wild, blonde, stray-like hair as well as bright green wizard eyes.


As Edmond isn't mentioned his abilities are unkown but as a Heap he most likely has some Magykal ability as well as possibly inheriting the some shape-shifting ability from his father Benjamin Heap.


Edmond Heap is the son of Benjamin Heap and Jenna Crackle. He has six brothers and a sister; Alfred Heap, Hengist Heap, Lois Heap, Ernold Heap, Garth Heap and Silas Heap.

He the uncle of Silas's seven children (Nicko Heap, Simon Heap, Sam Heap, Jo-Jo Heap, Erik Heap, Edd Heap, and Septimus Heap) as well as Jenna Heap who is Silas's adoptive daughter.

His aunt is Zelda Zanuba Heap and his uncle is Theo Heap.

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