The Dragon Ring is a powerful Magykal Ring belonging to the Dragon Master. The first individual known to hold this title was Hotep-Ra, but he was not likely the creator. The second and current holder of the title and ring is Septimus Heap, though he briefly surrendered the ring to Hotep-Ra when Hotep-Ra temporarily emerged in his Time.[1] It glows when someone of significant Magykal power puts it on and even if the Ring is too big on the finger of the wearer, it will curve and tighten itself until it fit on his or her finger. It is also able to restore that individual's Magykal energies if they have been drained. Recognition from the Ring as the Dragon Master allows that individual to pilot the Dragon Boat.[2]

The ring was lost by Hotep-Ra shortly before he left for the House of Foryx,[1] but was later found by Septimus Heap (known at the time as Young Army Boy 412) in the secret tunnels of Aunt Zelda's cupboard in her cottage on Draggen Island in the Marram Marshes. It glowed and identifies Septimus as the new Dragon Master. He later gave the ring briefly to Marcia Overstrand to restore her Magykal energies.[2]

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