Dragon Eggs are not as common as they used to be but they are still around. Jenna found Spit Fyre's egg in the tunnels beneath Aunt Zelda's cottage and gave it to Septimus, neither knowing its true identity then.


Dragon Eggs are impossible smooth and oval shaped. They resemble large stones. They are also said by Septimus to give off a slight luminescent sheen in the light. They can only be hatched in a specific order of unique steps.

Steps to Hatch a Dragon Egg

  1. Sustain heat surrounding the dragon egg at a minimum of eighty degrees for at least twenty-four hours
  2. Keep the dragon egg supplied with constant warmth for at least a year and a day (It is recommended that you sleep with the egg under your pillow), providing the sensation of movement for at least eight hours a day.
  3. After the year and a day, the dragon must receive a sharp tap on its shell to wake it up. (Dropping it onto a stone surface from head height should do the trick.)
  4. Finally, provide the dragon egg with a touch of Darknesse, possible methods include: Leaving the egg outside a Darke Witch Coven's house overnight, or wrapping the egg in a Darke spell at midnight
  5. Your dragon is now ready to hatch!

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