Dragons are a species of domesticated theropod that had been thought to be extinct. The only known living dragon still in its original form is Spit Fyre, though the Dragon Boat also still exists. Spit Fyre is owned by Septimus Heap. Dragons hatch from beautiful Dragon Egg that can only be hatched through a series of specific, unique steps. All dragons, eventually are able to assume a "final state." Hotep Ra's dragon, in order to save itself from death transformed into the Dragon Boat, and was from then on guarded by a line of White Witches in the Marram Marshes in tunnels beneath a cottage on Draggen Island, before eventually being navigated to the Castle. The dragon-wizard ring was given to the first ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Hotep-Ra and eventually was passed onto Septimus Heap. A Darke dragon can be created if more than enough Darke is poured into any dragon egg, for all dragons need some Darkenesse in them to hatch. The only Darke dragon in the series is the unnamed Dragon that was Engendered from the Darkenesse by DomDaniel's ex-apprentice, Merrin Meredith. It had 6 eyes, 6 wings and 6 legs and, with the power of Darkenesse, grew much faster and larger than Spit Fyre had when the two dragons met in battle. Though the Darke Dragon was large and powerful physically, it was untested in battle and lost power away from the Darkenesse. Dragon wings have a vaguely batlike shape, but the propatagium attaches at the shoulder, the plagiopatagium attaches to the hip, and the uropatagium is mising. the patagium is similar to a pterosaur patagium. The wings come straight out of the back.


Dragons with master also must go through a First Flight with their master as well as certain other ceremonies. They also all have a co-pilot.The ultimate state of cohesion between a dragon and its master is known as Synchronicity. This can only be achieved between a dragon and a rider who have formed a deep bond with each other and during such a state, the two essentially act with one mind, responding seamlessly to each other's wishes and desires on an unconscious level.

There were certain manuals that were useful in the training and keeping of dragons. Septimus Heap was given a copy of How to Survive Dragon Fostering: A Praktykal Guide by Aunt Zelda, along with advice to obtain The Winged Lizard's Almanac of the Early Years. Marcia Overstrand described both books as "a load of rubbish" and advised him to a immediately procure a copy of The Draxx Dragon Training Manual (or simply Draxx). An Orm resembled a dragon when hatched, but would eventually grow into an entirely different creature.

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