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A Darke Dragon Merrin Meredith created.

Darke Dragons are similar to normal dragons but have a few differences. Darke Dragons can be created if a dragon egg is exposed to too much Darkneese

Merrin Meredith created a Darke Dragon in the Dark Domain using the Two-Faced Ring. The power of the Darknesse caused it to grow faster than Spit Fyre. It had 6 legs and 6 eyes. [1]

The Darke Dragon and Spit Fyre had a (might I say) very intense battle. Spit Fyre won, though the Darke Dragon struck him in the head and Dragon blood dripped down as Spit Fyre and Septimus made their way back to the Wizard Tower. You cannot clean Dragon blood, so Spit Fyre's trail of blood made an everlasting mark. This trail is called The Dragon Trail.


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