Dan Forrest


Full nameDan Forrest


Abilities and TalentsMagyk

OccupationExtraOrdinary Wizard

Title(s)The ExtraOrdinary Wizard

FamilyUnnamed (father)
Unnamed (mother)


Early Life

Dan was born to a Wizard and a Witch and that he became the ExtraOrdinary Wizard at the age of sixteen.[citation needed]

Life as an ExtraOrdinary Wizard

Dan was very popular, and it is known that he made many Spells, including the Unseen used by Nicko Heap.[citation needed] He was described as powerful due to his Witch mother and Wizard father.[1] He is the Youngest-Serving ExtraOrdinary Wizard.[citation needed]


He died at the age of thirty six with unknown cause.[citation needed]


  1. The Magykal Papers, chapter needed specified

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