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It is a drink that Septimus Heap and O. Beetle Beetle love, but Marcia Overstrand disapproves of.

  • Descriptions: Boiling water is needed to activate it, however the drink itself is cold.[1]


It is made by pouring a muddy brown liquid with tendrils of floating mold in a glass, and then adding a raw egg.[2]

  • History: Simon Heap drank it to get rid of his nerves, even though he thought its taste was disgusting, before giving Jenna Heap to the Magogs. He never got the chance because Jenna turned the cell door into chocolate and was asleep far away in the farmlands.[2]


Mint Blasts

They are a type of sweet that Septimus Heap likes and has carried around on occasions.

  • Descriptions: Mint Blasts take the shape of tiny green balls.[3] It is not suggested to take a lot in once, as the flavor is rather strong.[3] If the eater doesn't keep them in their mouths, they will come out the eater's nose.[3]


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