Counter-Feet is a board game that was once common, but is now less popular. The goal is to get as many of your Counters as possible into the opponent's castle, while protecting yours.


Many years ago, Counter-Feet was the most popular game in the Castle, and even had an official league. But the Charms used in making the Counters were lost in The Great Fire, and so the Counters were lost. Silas had a complete game stored with all of his other Magykal contraband in his attic. After the Custodian Guards were overthrown, he began to play the game with Gringe.








The game is played on a large board divided by a river. On each side is a castle. The board itself is divided into a grid. The Counters are placed on the board in their own castle. Each side takes turns moving the Counters until one team has all their pieces destroyed or until their castle filled.

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