Hello, ickle girly. Hellooo, there. Are 'ooo losty-wost? Me wanna help 'ooo. Ooh me dooo.

–A Bother to Jenna

A Bother is a magykal anti-intrusion device that can be used to irritate an unwanted intruder, leaving them so upset that they are frozen in place until they can be discovered by the person who has set the Bother. It sole purpose is stop the object of its attention from doing whatever they want to do. A one-eyed, spiky creature covered in fish scales, its weakness is that it has to first catch a person's eye in order to Bother them.

The witches of the Port Witch Coven set a Bother in their house. When Septimus, Jenna, Nicko and Wolf Boy were trapped in this house, Jenna accidentally caught the attention of one of these. It began to speak to in annoying baby-ish and wheedling voice, making her feel very hot and Bothered. Septimus was able to put a stop to it by using a Reverse, chanting "Bothersome Bother, Bother no more. Forget what you're created for." The spell had an immediate effect: the Bother felt peculiar and instead of Bothering anyone, politely responded to Septimus's request to help them find the way out.[1]

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