Benhira-Benhara Grula-Grula

Full nameBenhira-Benhara Grula-Grula



Abilities and TalentsPoetry and good manners

FamilyMonsieur d’Artangnon Grula-Grula (father)
Madame Wisteria Grula-Grula (mother)
More than 100 siblings (siblings)

Residencethe Heart of the Ancient Ways/Marcia Overstrand’s Keep

Benhira-Benhara Grula-Grula, or Benhira for short, is an ally of Tod and Septimus Heap.


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Behind the scenes

  • He is 663 3/4 years old during the events of PathFinder.
  • Not counting the characters found at the House of Foryx, Benhira may be the oldest character shown in the either series.


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