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Augustus Gringe
(on the left)




OccupationNorth Gatekeeper


Theodora Gringe (wife)
Rupert Gringe (son)
Lucy Gringe (daughter)



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Augustus Gringe is the North Gatekeeper of the Castle, the husband of Theodora Gringe and the father of Rupert and Lucy Gringe.


Augustus met Theodora in the Port and came to the Castle for a better life.[citation needed] One day, when the Bridge Boy was injured, Gringe helped out.[citation needed] It was not long when he was asked to be the North Gate-Keeper.[citation needed] They have two children, Lucy and Rupert Gringe. He enjoyed playing Counter-Feet and disliked the Heaps until they made up a long-standing feud.[1] Gringe accompanied Silas Heap when he unsealed the attic.[2]



Despite his rough air, Gringe is in fact a kind father just wanting the best for his children and family.[citation needed]

Physical attributes

He wears a leather jerkin.[citation needed]


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