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Angie Sage (born 1952) is the prolific author of all the Septimus Heap books. She has also written a great number of children's books.

Board books

  1. Alphabet Express (May 5, 1999)
  2. Number Bus (October 20, 1999)
  3. Rainbow Rocket (October 25, 2000)[citation needed]
  4. Animals on Safari (September 7, 2000)
  5. Noah's Ark (November 15, 2000)
  6. Alphabet Bus (January 3, 2001)
  7. Learning Bus (March 7, 2001)
  8. Farmyard Familes (September 12, 2001)
  9. Sea Life Sub (June 12, 2002)


The following is a list of books written by Angie Sage.

Septimus Heap series

  • Septimus Heap, Book One: Magyk (released 2005)
  • Septimus Heap, Book Two: Flyte (released 2006)
  • Septimus Heap, Book Three: Physik (released 2007)
  • Septimus Heap, Book Four: Queste (released 2008)
  • Septimus Heap, Book Five: Syren (released 2009)
  • Septimus Heap: The Magykal Papers (released 2009)
  • Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke (released 2011)
  • Septimus Heap, Book Seven: Fyre (released 2013)

Araminta Spook series

  • Araminta Spook, Book One: My Haunted House (released 2006)
  • Araminta Spook, Book Two: The Sword in the Grotto (released 2006)
  • Araminta Spook, Book Three: Frognapped (released 2007)
  • Araminta Spook, Book Four: Vampire Brat (released 2007)
  • Araminta Spook, Book Five: Ghostsitters (released 2008)

TodHunter Moon series

  • TodHunter Moon, Book One: PathFinder (released 2014)
  • TodHunter Moon, Book Two: SandRider (released 2015)
  • TodHunter Moon, Book Three: StarChaser (to be released 2016)

Colouring Book of Hours series

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