Tod Moon

Alice Moon

Full nameAlice TodHunter Moon



Abilities and TalentsPathfinding, Magyk, boating, can breathe underwater

OccupationExtraOrdinary Apprentice TodHunter Moon Series

Title(s)ExtraOrdinary Apprentice TodHunter Moon series


Dan Moon (father)
Cassi TodHunter Draa (mother)

ResidenceWizard Tower

Apprenticed toSeptimus Heap (ExtraOrdinary Wizard)

PredecessorSeptimus Heap ExtraOrdinary Apprentice

Alice TodHunter Moon, or simply Tod, is a PathFinder, a person able to see The Ancient Ways of the World, and is the senior apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Septimus Heap.


Alice was the girl mentioned in a house that the Dragon Boat flew over.[1]

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Physical attributes

Tod has short, dark hair with a traditional Pathfinder elflock. Tod wears a hooded, striped canvas smock, jumpers, sailcloth trews, and her father's fishing vest.

Tod wears green Apprentice robes, fastened by a silver Apprentice belt and green leggings. She also wears boots lined with sheepskin.[2]


Tod is good at fishing and she also can breathe underwater because she has gills.[3]

  • Pathfinding:
  • Magyk:
  • Boating:

Behind the scenes

See also


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